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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Making a run

Good Morning and welcome to the week before Christmas!

Now, the fun begins.
That's right, now is the time to get that holiday shopping done.
Sure, some people probably have it finished by now. Some actually have it finished a year in advance (or at least six months).
Then there are the rest of us. A week to go and it's time to get serious.
Now, we can pinpoint what everybody needs (wants?). Now, we can find the best sales as retailers are trying to make their overinflated sales goals (thanks corporate America!).
Ready. Set. Go.
The last few years, I've waited until Dec. 24th to get it all finished. It might not take as long this year. Then again, with work, school, work, dinner, lunch, breakfast ... man, the day gets filled up quickly. Add in a terrible head cold and the last thought may be of holiday shopping.
Then again, there's nothing like deadline pressure (thanks newspapers). The parties start this weekend, so it's finally time to get it done.
Now, what was I supposed to get for everybody?

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