Friday, December 18, 2009

Rise and Shine --- Take this snow and shovel it

Good Morning and welcome to the last Friday of Fall!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's some kind of weather event coming.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's going to be a mess.
Sure, sure, sure, the roads won't be cleared enough.
Sure, sure, sure, the children will be happy to see it falling.
OK. Now, let's regroup a bit.
It's December.
It's cold.
It's close to Christmas.
Hey, it's snow.
Remember back when snow wasn't such a big deal. It's only been the last few years where snow has become an EVENT.
We haven't had much the last couple of winters, so it all gets blown out of proportion these days.
I've gone back and forth over the last few years.
Hated snow when I had to drive 35 miles to get to work. Loved snow when it came on an off day.
Hated snow when it was mostly ice. Loved snow when you could make a kick-ass snowman on the front lawn.
This one? We'll see. All I know is I got this comment yesterday:
'Dad, can I ask you something.'
Sure, Brendan.
'Is it going to snow.'
That's what the weatherman says.
'Is it going to be 100 inches.'
You never know.

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