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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rise and Shine --- That four-letter word

Good Morning and welcome to winter (for real now)!

After all these years of warnings about big snowfalls only to see it turn into rain, Saturday's storm was at least as advertised.
Yeah, it was cold and windy, but, when the potential number of inches kept going up, there was only one thing to do: Grab the shovel.
So, around 11 a.m. we made our first venture into the winter wonderland. Shoveling that first batch wasn't so bad. It moved easily and cleared nicely.
Two hours later, the snow seemed a little heavier, but still moved.
Two hours later, it wasn't the snow that caused a delay.
I dutifully picked up the shovel to move what seemed like the same amount I have all day. Then it came, THUMP. Then another, THUMP. Then a third, THUMP.
That's when the laughter kicked in. It appears while I was trying to stay ahead on the driveway and sidewalk, there was a plot being hatched.
About 100 snowballs were made and at the ready.
'We got him! Good Shot!'
Great. Target practice. Well, at least it was enjoyable.
I'll take the snowballs over having to drive around in the mess Saturday. While we were shoveling (and trying unsuccessfully to plot revenge), Mom was out working. She slid through the morning, then slid on the way home.
Better than the laughter was when the car pulled safely into the driveway.
That made the snow not so bad.

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