Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Star Trek stuff

Good Morning and how about the Heat?!?
You know, I usually leave the cool space stuff to my co-worker in the Armageddon Watch blog
Then I saw something this morning that was too cool to wait.
Apparently, scientists believe the Voyager 1 spacecraft is about to leave our solar system.
The ship was launched in 1977 and is about 11 billion miles from earth. If the ship actually does leave the solar system, nobody really knows what kind of data or photos it will send back, but it's still really cool.
 I remember watching old Star Trek reruns when my Dad walked through the room.
"Think we'll ever have stuff like on this show?" I asked.
 "No way," he said. "It's just made up. "
Well, it's funny because we now have talking computers. tablets, holographic images and even more that was on the show.
Now, we have a ship that was made right here on earth about to find out what else is out there.
Sure, it's taken 35 years to get there, but what about the next one?
Then again, I don't think we are going to want to fight the Klingons.

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