Monday, June 11, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Win, lose, draw?

Good Morning and how about them Phillies!?!

You know, it's OK to laugh at professional athletes when they make mistakes. It's OK, because, well, they are making millions and should be held to a higher athletic standard. Besides, when you watch Ty Wigginton boot a ball it makes all those errors you made in high school seen kind of OK.

I played baseball until I left high school. I know I wasn't very good. By sixth grade, I knew I'd never become a professional player.

Through all those years, my teams only came in first one time. After winning, we went to the pizza shop that sponsored the team and, hoping to get some free pizza, told them we won. Great, the guy behind the counter said, that'll be 10 bucks.

This past spring, a 10-year old I know lucked out and was drafted by a pretty good team. He improved through the season and went all the way to the title game.

So, in the bright sunshine and the heat of Sunday afternoon, we were at the field for the league championship game.

We cheered for our team to win. When they did with an unlikely hit in the last inning, we smiled, yelled and gave them all high-5s.

Quickly, though, I looked over to the other side. Sure, we were happy, but there was another group of players who weren't so upbeat.

I know the feeling on both sides of the field. I know the elation of winning. I know the pain of losing.

We all want our children to know the first one, while hoping to take the sting out of the second.

In 15 years, it'll be OK to laugh at them if they mess up on TV. For now, though, the only laughing should be because they are having fun.

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