Monday, February 11, 2013

Rise and Shine --- All about the music

Good Morning and I'm still trying to figure out exactly who Hunter Hayes is?

A few years ago, I watched the Grammy Awards and felt very out of touch. The voices were foreign to me, a person who thought he was keeping up with the times.
So, having dedicated myself over the past couple of years to at least give a listen to new stuff. My radio has been tuned mostly to WXPN (I slowly realized other stations were playing the same 10 songs over and over and over again).
I found some really good music being created. I knew who the Lumineers were before they hit the stage. I had listened to Halestorm before they ran up on stage. My morning routine normally includes the Alabama Shakes playing in the background.
I was glad to see Mumford & Sons win for one of the best albums put together in years.
I might not get fun., but they certainly seem to put on a good show.
In fact, the worst part of last night's show, was when Elton John took the stage. Sir Elton, yes, you are a legend, but let the new people sing.
So, maybe I'm not as out-of-touch as I used to be.
Then again, who the heck is Pitbull and how did he get up there?

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