Monday, October 25, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Late nights, early mornings

Good Morning and welcome back to the only place where you can find this!

So, the Phillies season ended Saturday night with a called third-strike. You can't win them all, although you would like to see your big slugger at least take the bat off his shoulder for the final pitch.
Sitting there watching Saturday's game with my 11-year old son, I got the feeling we were back in the day. You know that day, the one where the Phillies disappointed every year.
Somehow, the way was flowing, I just had a feeling of dread. I bet a penny on a double play and, boom, Carlos Ruiz lined into one.
I bet a penny on a strikeout to end the game and there was Ryan Howard watching the season end.
Oh Well, maybe next year.
One thing the Phillies did, though, was force a change in the way we covered the playoffs.
There were live blogs for every game and, when the Phillies went on the road, so did we (sort of).
We took our camera out to meet some of the people who were watching the games. What we found out is, in the words of Christine O'Donnell, they were us. Or, better said, we were a part of them.
Now, we'll see how it works for the Eagles.

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