Monday, October 4, 2010

Rise and Shine --- October

Good Morning and welcome to the cold, rain and clouds!

So, when October hit Friday, I started thinking about the upcoming winter, how much the heat is going to cost and if the Phillies can make it back to the World Series.
Saturday, though, I was bombarded with other thoughts.
"Daddy, it's the first day of Halloween," said a 5-year old I know.
Well, OK, it's getting closer, but we have a whole month to go.
"Can we go on a hayride?"
Sure, but let's wait until maybe next week.
"But I love hayrides."
Yeah, they are fun, but you just went on one, let's figure something else to do.
"Hayride, hayride, hayride!"
Hey, wait, there's an art festival we can check out. You can make your own Halloween costume.
"OK, but then we can go on a hayride?"
We'll see.
"That means No!"
No, that means we'll see how the day goes on. Let's get started and we'll figure it out.

So, I was able to push off the hayride for at least week, but it's not going to last.
Sunday morning, the question came again: "Daddy, it's a nice day, can we go on a hayride."
Having to work Sunday (thanks to the Eagles) made it impossible to do Sunday, but I know the requests will come all week.
I also know Saturday night I'll be picking hay out of my shoes.

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