Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Politics, blech

Good Morning and welcome to a real October day!

I don't know about you, but I'm already getting sick of this election and we still have a month to go.
It probably would be more interesting if Christine O'Donnell was a witch. Then at least there would be some spark. Instead, we have the same boring candidates running for the same jobs at the same time.
The political ads that appear on TV are dirty politics. It's like they sit around a room and say, "OK, a month left, lets start throwing tomatoes at our opponent."
There are two we are most concerned about here.
The first, is the U.S. Senate seat being fought over by U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak (Democrat) and Pat Toomey (Republican?).
The battle lines have been drawn on this one for awhile. Do you want believe Sestak can make a difference, or do you want to relive the past the Bush era?
Hey, by the way, Toomey thinks so much of the battle he can't even make it to our office to meet the editorial board. Editor Phil Heron said this morning, "They told us we could get him by phone."
The other race, of course, is for Sestak's former seat in the U.S. House, the 7th District battle between Republican Pat Meehan and Democtrat Bryan Lentz.
Both are nice guys. Both have strong backgrounds. Both seem to have good ideas.
Just one thing, the next one (or a the next representative of one of them) who knocks on my door loses my vote.
There's a race for you.

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Manalive said...

I don't blame Toomey; he's been to Delco many times this campaign, and I don't recall the DT ever sending a correspondent.
Besides, there's no doubt that Phil will endorse the liberal -- no matter what.