Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Glory years

Good Morning and welcome to a gloomy Tuesday!

You know, the more and more the Phillies celebrate titles, it's getting harder and harder to convince some people it wasn't always this good.
No, I tell the boys, the Phillies didn't win every year. No, there were years you knew the season was over after the first game (remember Joe Cowley?).
There were years we convinced ourselves all winter this would be different. Danny Tartabull was the answer in the middle of the lineup (he lasted a whopping one game before getting hurt). The starting rotation of Combs, Mulholland and Ruffin will carry us into the playoffs (Never mind). Jeff Stone is so fast he might steal 100 bases (forgot to say he couldn't field or hit).
Now, though, they are winners. Maybe the most feared team heading into the playoffs. Really, if you look at it, the Phillies should be the favorite to win the World Series. Not saying they will, in baseball anything can happen, but they have to be No. 1.
So, all you Phillies fans out there, enjoy the ride. It's really never been so good.

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