Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rise and Shine --- One last blast

Good Morning and welcome to the real first week of school!

Of course, some schools started last week, but there weren't buses at every corner and there weren't students walking all over the place. Today's the day when the morning (and afternoon) traffic picks up. Drive carefully, it's back to the grind.
So, even though the students I know started school last week, we tried to squeeze every bit of summer out of the season.
Earlier this summer, we hit museums, playgrounds, movies and parks. We've taken one-day road trips. We played games and had catches.
So, not wanting to let go (especially with the weather turning so nice), we blew out the weekend.
We went to a festival, road bikes and topped it all off with a Wilmington Blue Rocks game Monday.
Sure, everybody was tired, but you have to squeeze it all in. Some people do picnics or cookouts for Labor Day. Some watch tennis. Some play tennis.
Whatever, it's all about enjoying every single moment.
Now, life will be dominated by homework and getting everybody to school.
It's a different kind of fun.

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