Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rise and Shine --- All over the map

Good Morning and let me off the roller coaster!

By the way, doesn't it seem odd when the Phillies are out on the Left Coast. Nobody goes to those games in Los Angeles anyway, so why not just make it easier for us here in the East by starting the games earlier.
Then again, you have people on this side of the country like THIS GUY
He says he lost a $1.35 Million painting while on a drunken bender.
So, your friends tell you to old on to this and what do you do? Go out, get loaded and lose the thing.
Sure. Sounds like a good story.
Now, we move back across the country to Washington. Here, a hiker lives in a cartoon world, apparently.
He shot himself in the butt after putting a handgun in his back pocket.
He was hiking up Blewett Pass, next time he should just go HERE
Of course, we can't all have as much time on our hands as this guy:

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