Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rise and Shine --- From the mouth of...

Good Morning and welcome back to the only place where the roller coaster never stops!

I've also found out that watching the Phillies game is no way to treat a cold. You need sleep, sleep and more sleep. Of course, that's not coming so I'll have to settle for the Phillies.
Unless, of course, somebody else gets hold of the remote.
"I don't want to watch Phillies," always says the 5-year old. "It's boring."
Of course, then she proceeds to show me how boring by rolling around on the couch or shouting "boring" over and over again.
Truth be told, I know better. When the little ones are in control of the TV, I have about half a commercial time to check a score.
That's OK, though. I'd rather watch them, or, more precisely, their reaction to things.
Like the other day when I joked we were going to go on a haunted hayride.
"Ooh, a hayride," said the 5-year old in her sing-song voice. "I love hayrides."
But, this is a haunted hayride, they try to scare you.
"Daddy," she firmly stated, "we won't be going on that kind of hayride."
I couldn't help but smile. Then, I started thinking, I better find time for a trip to Livilla Orchards.

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