Monday, September 13, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Already?

Good Morning and welcome to a (bleh) Monday!

Is it just me or does the weekend seem to go by even more quickly now?
It seems like Friday comes along, then, before you can blink, it's back to Monday. It's like we are always running to do something, getting here, getting there, then BOOM, it's back to the weekly grind.
Work, school, homework, eat, sleep.
It just gets tougher to spread out the hours during off times. Then again, as I've seen and proven, trying to jam too much in during those hours can make it even worse.
So, there has to be a balance somewhere. It's finding it that's proving elusive.
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out the MTV Music Video Awards. When you turn it on and the only artist you've actually heard sing before was Cher, well, it's time to upgrade the iPod.
Although, this was interesting:

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