Monday, September 27, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Holding on

Good Morning and welcome to the real Fall!

So, when the temperature again hit the 90s Friday, it was obvious summer wasn't really going to let go. After all, why should it? We've been sweltering through a few months, so why not a couple of more days.
Of course, summer means water. Now, because of various circumstances, the shore wasn't part of our summer ritual this year. Instead, we were content with Grandmom's pool.
Anyway, with not much to do and with the heat being turned up, Saturday seemed like the perfect day for a trip.
After participating in the Walk 4 Hearing at Ridley Creek State Park Saturday morning (and getting a few things done), it was time to pile into the van and drive.
This wasn't going to be a beach day, but a day to get some of the sea air in our lungs and enjoy the breeze.
Of course, there was mini golf (won a free game after playing a free game) and some rides (a lucky person got 24 free tickets).
Mostly, though, it was summed up by a very sleepy 5-year old after hitting the highway to get back home: "Dad, that was a fantastic day."
All right!

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