Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Drinking tea?

Good Morning and welcome to another Wednesday!

OK, you can color me confused.
There is some kind of movement out there that likes to call itself the Tea Party. It's backed by such top-notch thinkers as Sarah Palin.
Well, these Tea Party candidates run as Republicans, but also say the GOP is not conservative enough for their tastes. Which, I guess, is a little like saying mint chocolate-chip ice cream doesn't have enough mint or chocolate chips. Hey, it is what it is, deal with it.
(Speaking of ice cream, spent a nice evening at What's the Scoop here in Primos Tuesday night. Didn't see any tea flavored ice cream.)
So, a career candidate Christine O'Donnell won the GOP nomination for Delaware's Senate seat during Tuesday's primary. The main part of the Republican party had backed her opponent, but, like O'Donnell said "the people of Delaware have spoken!"
Now, these outsiders apparently want to be part of the machine. They are upset because the GOP won't throw tons of money behind the candidates.
They want to argue against those in power, but also want to be backed by those in power.
Sorry, can't have it both ways.
Either you are a third party candidate (ask Lyndon LaRouche how that works out) or you are not.
In the end, it all looks like the same side of the coin.
By the way, the cherry vanilla is a good bet for dessert.

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