Monday, May 23, 2011

Rise and Shine --- The art of hitting

Good Morning and welcome to a brand, spanking-new week!

Somebody once said the hardest thing to do in sports was hit a baseball. Well, way back in the day, I lived through the statement. I probably would have done better not even taking a bat up to the plate. My Major League dreams died after the first pitch.
Still, I had fun. I remember the days of walking with my friends to the fields. I remember the first time I actually got a hit. I remember the last game I played.
Now, I see the perspective through other eyes. Each of the boys are playing baseball this year. They struggle with the bat. It's something I expected. I tried to give the warnings, but it looks so easy when somebody else is doing the hitting.
So, they practice. They get frustrated. They want to practice some more.
I did make the mistake of one day sitting them down in front of the television to watch the Phillies game.
"Look," I said, "see how they hold the bat. See how they swing. See, they don't get hits every time, either."
Well, in these days, most times.

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