Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rise and Shine --- I'm hungry

Good Morning oh great and loyal readers!

The pleading comes in early and often: I'm hungry.
Sometimes, I hear it moments after the breakfast dishes have been put into the sink.
I'm hungry.
OK, I'll say, how about a banana?
Let's see, I'll continue, here's an apple?
HMM, I'll let through the lips, there are some pretty good oranges here.
No. No. No. I want a treat.
Ahhh, so all you really want is something sweet and sugary. You aren't really hungry.
The problem is we are inundated by images of chocolate, fast food and cookies. Turn on any television aimed at children. If there's not a toy commercial, it's for some kind of sugar or salt covered food.
There aren't images of orange groves or apple trees.
So, we can talk about getting children to eat healthy all we want, but pulling it off is another battle.

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