Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Getting it

Good Morning and welcome to the only place on the Internet you can find this!

"Why are they calling a time out?" "Why did they blow the whistle?" "Why did they throw the ball down?"
Those were just a few of the questions I got this week while first watching football, then some basketball.
They seem basic and, sometimes, a little too basic about things that are happening in certain games.
Then, I sit back and remember who is asking them. For the first time this year, the boys enjoy sitting down and watching sports with Dad.
They know the basics of the game. They know you have to score touchdowns in football, baskets in basketball. They don't know, though, all the the little things about the games.
So, they come to me.
I try my best to explain. Sometimes, it takes a few times to get it right.
I don't mind. It's kind of fun.
I am waiting for the day when they ask, "Why don't they show the cheerleaders more?"

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