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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Tripping out

Good Morning and why can't we have a sprinkler out front of work?

Really, though, somebody said to me the other day, "If you complained about the cold, you can't complain about the heat!"

Sure you can. I think it's in the Bill of Rights that we can complain about the weather whenever we want. Don't hold me to that, though, it's been quite a few years since Social Studies class.

Speaking of social studies, a certain now 13-year old boy (13!!!) has been learning a lot this year about everything. Well, being 13, at least he believes he knows everything.

So, while watching something on TV, I'll get things like: "Roman soldiers were paid in salt" or "George Washington didn't really cut down a cherry tree."

Every time I tell somebody the boy has turned 13, I get the roll of the eyes.

"Oh," they say, "good luck with that."

As long as we can get through the attitude (which seems to become more and more prevalent) I don't think it will be so bad.

Then again, we're only a few days into the teenage years.


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