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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Why waste time?

Good Morning and at least the ducks will like today!

So, there was this big press conference downtown yesterday featuring the mayor (who seems to make as many TV appearances as the President) and rapper Jay-Z.
It was talked about all weekend. There was going to a be a big announcement. It was all a big secret, but it was going to be something big for the region.
As these things do, it leaked out by Sunday morning the announcement was going to be about a concert festival on Labor Day weekend.
Seriously, it is good news. We have a rich musical history here (heck, Rock 'n Roll started in Chester). It's about time Philly did something like this.
Then they held the news conference yesterday. All the sponsors talked. The mayor talked. Jay-Z talked.
They all said nothing. No details. Just the dates, which everybody knew. They should have stepped up and threw out something new. That's the way to get things going.
Here are the ways to hold a news conference:

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