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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Water Power

Good morning and how about that sun!

So, I threw a birthday party over the weekend for two boys.
With about 10 children scheduled to attend, I figured I better plan a few activities. Either that or have them grouped around the television set playing video games.
So, with the sun shining bright, I set up a couple of Frisbee games. A bean-bag toss. Their sister wanted to organize a game of freeze-dance or musical chairs.
Sure, I thought, that should be enough to keep everybody occupied.
We never got to any of the games.
Somebody found the water guns in the garage.
Soon, there was water flying everywhere (it helped the temperature reached 80). The Frisbees were used to soak opponents.
So, you can plan all the stuff you want, but a child's mind will gravitate to what's the most fun. Maybe we all should throw some water.


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