Monday, April 15, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Waffles

Good Morning and let's keep this up!!

Sunday mornings in the house are a little busier than most. We don't have to get out to school or work, but its the one day a week we make the 'Big Breakfast.'
We make bacon, bread, eggs and either pancakes or waffles. Everybody chips in, whether it be setting the table, pouring the juice (OK, chocolate milk) or just keeping out of the way.
I usually make pancakes one week and waffles the next. That was, until the old waffle maker started shedding (you know, the non-stick stuff on the bottom was coming off on the waffles). So, we've been sticking with plain, old pancakes.
This weekend, though, we were given an new waffle maker.
It put an extra step in everybody's morning. Sure, it was the same, but it was different.
The 8-year old said she had a hard time sleeping, because she was looking forward to making breakfast.
 So, with that kind of kitchen help, it made things go easy. We sat down to the usual, plus some chocolate chip/banana/peanut butter waffles (yeah, we like different kinds every week).
It doesn't solve world peace, but it's the little things that make the day go smooth.

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