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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Why ruin things?

Good Morning and hope everybody is doing well today!

So, as I was watching the early coverage of the bombing at the Boston Marathon Monday, I was struck with one thought: Why do people have to ruin everything?
I mean, in the end, whoever did this is one of the most selfish people alive. The Boston Marathon (or New York or Philly or wherever) is one of the purest events around. It's just people pushing themselves to their limit, then reaching for a little more. It's about family and friends feeling a sense of pride as the one they know crosses the finish line.
Last November, I attended the Ironman competition in Arizona to cheer on my brother. We were able to wander around the course, check on him at certain points and give him a bit of a boost.
There was security around, but you could just feel a comraderie among the 10,000 people watching. There was no thought that somebody would do something to harm anybody.
Also, everybody (I mean everybody from the 2-year old to the 90-year old) were carrying backpacks. You are out there for a long time. You need water. You need snacks. To check everybody's bag (or ban them completely) would cause a bit of a problem.
Now, we have some whack-job up in Boston yet a little bit more of our innocence away. Yeah, I keep being reminded we live in a different world every day, but there should be some things we can all celebrate without fear.
I hope it's really not all gone.

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