Monday, April 1, 2013

Rise and Shine --- The flu and the weekend

Good Morning and welcome to the beginning of baseball season!

For the first time I think ever, I got a flu show this year. The only reason I got one was because they were giving them out free during a community day.
Whatever, it seemed to work. I got a few stuffy noses and things like that during the winter, but managed to stay away from the flu.
That was until the shot wore off sometime last week. Then, I got knocked over. After a slow build up, I was knocked down by the flu. I had a sore throat, weakness in my bones, coughing, sneezing, you know, all the fun stuff.
The worst thing about it was we were on our annual trip to Ocean City for the Easter weekend. So, for the first day, instead of enjoying the beach (yeah, it was cold, but, come on, it's the beach), I was down for the count on the couch.
It's been a slow recovery though the weekend, but I might be able to see the other side.
Either that or it's time  for another shot.

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