Monday, March 25, 2013

Rise and Shine --- No phone?

Good Morning and welcome to the Internet!

So, I forgot my iPhone at home the other day.
I was already running late, so, instead of turning around, I figured I could survive the day. I mean, after all, I remember when there weren't any cell phones.
The first phone I got was in a bag and it only worked when connected through the cigarette lighter. I think I used it twice the whole time I had the thing.
Anyway, times change and now my phone is pretty much a little computer. I might get three calls a week, probably make about the same amount. Most of the time, I'm checking e-mail, texting, playing Words with Friends or just goofing around.
The day I didn't have the phone was actually kind of liberating. Not that it takes away from the work at hand, but do we really need every minute of every day connected?
I thought about leaving the phone at home while we went on an adventure Saturday, then thought better of it. The day I leave it home is the day I really need it (broken-down car, etc.).
Still, I think I'm going to start leaving it in the car each day. It's good to disconnect.
Now, I have to go. I have to figure out what kind of word I can make out of 'H-R-E-F-B-O-J'

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