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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rise and Shine -- Get on out

Good Morning and how about those Clevelanders!!!
Really, I don't get into this too much because, well, there are certainly more important things in the world to worry about, but doesn't it seem odd that in 2013 we still see teams like the 'Indians,' 'Redskins' and 'Braves.' I mean, in Cleveland, there is still a guy who pounds a drum in the outfield (OK, he's no longer dressed like a Native American).
Just a little odd.
Anyway, I encourage the gang to get outside whenever possible. The usual retort is something like, "I've been outside all day in school. I want to watch TV/play video games/eat candy."
The convincing has been a little easier as the air has gotten warmer and more people are outside. Yesterday, the first question I got was "Can we play outside?" Sure, there's homework to do and stuff, but I can rarely answer in the negative to that question.
I don't know how long it will last, but it is nice.
Now, my next thing is to convince them it's really fun to cut the grass.

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