Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Of life and death

Good Morning and welcome back to summer (at least for a few days)!

OK, tell me today how there isn't something wrong with our weather. Last week, I had to pull out the jackets and sweaters. This week, I'll be searching for a pool (or at least a sprinkler).
Speaking of last week, a few interesting things happened.
A friend of mine had to deal with the loss of a sister. Another was sitting in a hospital room with a child. A third is trying to deal with cancer.
Boom. Boom. Boom.
Then I looked into the eyes of a boys celebrating his 14th birthday and the sun shined.
Sure, he's a handful at times (although not as much as other 14s I'm sure). He likes to get under the nerves of his sister and brother (especially his brother, no his sister, OK both).
He likes to pretend he doesn't hear me when I say simple things like: "Put away your socks" or "Set the table" or "Put your book bag away."
He plays too many video games and spends too much time texting (well, so I've heard).
If I leave him in the house alone for even like five minutes, all the cookies will be gone (so will everything else that isn't tied down).
Yeah, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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