Monday, November 25, 2013

Like a cold slap or just shaking your head

Good Morning and I guess the heat has to go on!

This morning, while doing my usual stuff on the Web site, I happened to have the Channel 10 news on in the background.
Like most days, I use half an ear to listen to the news while working. Mostly, it's just to hear if there are any traffic troubles. Most of the rest of the morning news is just a rehash of stuff that happened yesterday.
Then the guy on TV started talking about a storm we are going to see later this week.
It's the same storm that's been dumping a lot of snow onto the Midwest.
So, of course, they showed video of cars skidding in the snow and people shoveling.
Then they cut to the weather guy who said we were going to see all rain out of the storm.
Yes, I know it's just a minor thing, but don't let me believe it's going to snow until, you know, it's actually going to snow.
Oh yeah, and don't bring the snow unless it's a day I have off.

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