Monday, November 4, 2013

The hot and the cold of it

Good Morning and it is nice to see the sun before 7.

Driving around after a cool birthday party Saturday (Laser Tag!), I was hit about how nice and warm it was for Nov. 2.
So, I asked my passengers what they wanted to do.
"Let's go the mall," said one.
"I want to go home and play video games," said another.
"I don't know," said the third (yes, he's a teenager).
OK, to me, when you can wear short sleeve shirts outside in November, well, you better take advantage of it.
So, my first thought was a playground. That would be fun ... for about 15 minutes. Then the older ones (OK, just the teenager) would start moping about things being boring.
I remembered a miniature golf course from days go by. We were close, so that was the idea.
We played (yes, there are always arguments), but the warmth and the sun made it pretty nice.
Then came Sunday.
I knew when I first woke up and heard the wind it was going to be cold.
That playoff soccer game at 3 was going to be downright chilly.
I wasn't ready for the winter, though. My light jacket wasn't going to be enough, but I didn't want to miss the game.
So, I froze, but watching the team of 10/11-year olds play their hearts out made it feel just a little bit warmer.

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