Monday, December 16, 2013

Lights and that Christmas spirit

Good Morning and how about that sun???

I admit to being very lax on the Christmas decorations this year.
One day I hope to have a Griswold-like house, but time always seems to get away from me.
I decorated one tree and put a couple of lights around the door last week, but the snow and the cold kept the rest in the garage.
So, when I saw more snow was coming last weekend, I figured I had one shot Saturday morning to do something before the ice/snow mix.
Getting out there early in the morning, I strung the lights along the bushes and generally made it look nice.
I tested it all and half the string was out.
Now, I know some people use those extra lights that come with the pack and try to find the bad one, but that's not me. I pulled them all off and tried the next strand.
The other half lit on those.
By the way, why is it half light all the time. Just all go out at once, it would make it far less frustrating.
Finally, after a quick jump to the store, we had lights.
Next year, I'll do it all up.

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