Thursday, December 19, 2013

People ... AAAAHHH

Good Morning and here we go again!

I hate shopping.
I hate food shopping. I hate birthday shopping. I hate Christmas shopping.
I, well, OK, I kind of like beer shopping, but that's another story.
Anyway, I was reminded how much I hate Christmas shopping last week at the mall.
After taking a ridiculously long time to get there, I found there were hardly any parking spaces. That's good, I thought, must mean the economy is coming back.
So, I went into the mall and quickly wished I didn't have another 15 minute walk to get back to the car.
There were just too many people around. Now, mind you, I really enjoy interacting with people most of the time. I want to hear your stories. I sometimes just start talking in elevators.
This was different, though. It was just people standing around.
What possesses you to stand right in the middle of the walkways to talk to a neighbor you see every day? Why do you walk the opposite way of the crowd? Why do you leave the cart in the middle of the aisle to check out the latest Elmo? Why do you smell?
Geez, no wonder I did mostly everything online.

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