Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That drive and those drivers

Good Morning and let's start dreaming about spring!

So, I know my vehicle (Mazda MPV) is not real good in the snow. I slide around a bit and have trouble getting up snow-covered hills.
Still, I stayed at work until about noon yesterday, thinking the roads wouldn't be so bad.
Of course, I was wrong. Anybody who drove anywhere yesterday knows it was tough going. The weather hit quick and lasted forever.
I had to get home, though. I once stayed all night at the office and, well, it wasn't much fun.
So, I reached Garrett Road pretty easy (there was some sliding heading up the hill at Springfield Road, but I was able to keep it moving.
It was OK until it was time to get back up the hill on Garrett Road. The tires were spinning, but the van was barely moving.
I knew from past practice I'd make it up the hill, but it might take a little bit.
Of course, the drivers behind were not patient. A couple went around me on the shoulder. One (OK, I'll be nice) driver, decided to stop next to me on the hill, open his window and start cursing about my slow pursuit of the hill.
My question is: What was I supposed to do?
Leave the vehicle on the road? Slide backward? Jump out and push?
Look, it is frustrating when the van didn't move. Believe me, it was more frustrating inside than out.
How about we all calm down a bit.

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