Monday, January 13, 2014

Video game redux

Good Morning and let's just all agree we should end winter now.

I remember when we first got video games in our house.
Suddenly, I could play pong and space invaders on the television (Thanks Atari) instead of waiting to go to the mall.
It was a good time.
As I got older, I found it was more fun to head to the mall and hang out at the arcade. Don't think that had as much to do with the games as being able to just hang out.
The arcades soon went the way of the dinosaurs (well, except for the down the shore) when the games at home got cheaper and better.
Now, it's all about the games.
My biggest threat for good behavior is I'll not let them play games. Sometimes it works, other times it just gets worse.
I pull them off the computer and they start playing on the phone.
I take the phone away and they are lost.
So, what can we do about this? How do we unplug teens and pre-teens?
Time to pull out the basketball.

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