Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Curious Case of the Disappearing Cookies

Good Morning and welcome to the rain!

Most times, I like to make my own cookies at home. With the holidays over, though, and the winter doldrums setting in, there was just no energy to make cookies.
So, when shopping last week, I picked up a box (is it a box or a thingy) of Oreos. The were on sale and Oreos make a nice treat once in a while.
When I got home Sunday night, I saw the pack and opened them up. I ate one cookie. Yes, one cookie. It sounds odd, but that's all I wanted at the time. Other times, I might go for a whole row, but this night one did the trick.
I then put the rest on the top shelf and, figuring it was homework time, nobody would be looking for cookies.
Anyway, I usually leave the boys in the house doing their homework while I walk up the block to welcome the youngest one off the bus.
I was gone, maybe 10 minutes.
Later last night, I decided to have another Oreo (OK, this time it was going to be more like 3, but who's counting).
I pulled down the box and it felt kind of light. I figured that was from all the weight-lifting I've been doing.
There was one cookie left in the box.
Is it possible for a teen and pre-teen to eat nearly a whole box of Oreos in 10 minutes?
Do I have a cookie-eating ghost in the house?
Guess it's time to head to the spy shop.

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