Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's time to outlaw homework

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I never really understood the point of teachers giving homework. I mean, really, we were just in school for nine hours, why do I need to do extra work at home.
As I moved through my school years, I pushed off enough homework assignments that many of my mornings were spent frantically finishing 100 division problems.
Now, though, it seems even more pointless.
It's almost like teachers these days feel like they have to give homework, because, well, they had to do homework. I very rarely see the point when the schoolies come home and pull out their stuff.
Sometimes, I feel like just telling them to put down gibberish and get outside.
School is different these days. Students are subjected to biased standardized testing and inundated with work, work, work during the day.
It's time to take a No Homework stand.
Who's with me?

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Debi stafford va said...

Thank God someone finally see's it. I recall my daughter and son doing homework for 3 hrs some nights.That is just insane.I called the principal to say my son would no longer be doing it for 3 hrs a night being in the 3rdgrade and the other teachers weren't giving that much.NO HOMEWORK LAW AGREE 100%