Monday, May 12, 2014

Sports? Yeah, that's not real life

Good Morning and welcome to summer!

Remember when former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens was doing push ups in his driveway. Remember when he was saying he needed a raise to feed his family after making $9 million in 2004. He was set to get $4.5 million in 2005.
Yeah, that's not real life. I don't think any professional athlete can relate to real life.
Do they care if the minimum wage is raised? Only if it means the price of pizza is going up.
OK, here's another one.
Earlier this season, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon was unavailable to pitch because he had worked three days in a row. He was unable to enter yesterday's game because he had a stiff neck.
Probably got that stiff neck carrying his $13 million check to the bank.
Sorry, it's not reality.
If I called work and said I was unavailable today because I had worked three days in a row, they would probably tell me to find a new place of work.
Sore neck? Now you are becoming a sore someplace else.
Then there's the whole flu-like symptoms thing. What the heck is that? How many times have we heard about that one? I mean Allen Iverson used to miss practice with flu-like symptoms every day.
Yeah, right. I have flu-like symptoms all the time. Not only don't I get any sympathy, but I also have to go into work.
So, I don't want to hear it. Next time you don't want to come into a game, just tell it like it is: you are a pampered prima donna who just wants to sit in the sun.

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