Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh those college speakers

Good Morning and it's way too nice out this morning to be inside!

OK, a little bit of truth here, I don't remember who spoke at my college graduation. I know he was some kind of judge or lawyer or something.
I probably should have been paying attention. I know that. I'm sure the class was told such good things as "make your mark" or "get out in the world" or "in 10 years this college degree won't be worth the paper it's printed on" or "remember the Alamo."
Maybe if the speaker was Bill Clinton or George Clinton or Clint Eastwood, the speech may have mattered to me. At the time, though, I was happy to be among family and friends and, well, didn't really care.
So, when I read about the controversies surrounding so many college commencement speakers this year, I began to wonder what I missed.
Maybe I'll go hang around a lawyer's office.

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