Monday, July 28, 2014

To read or not to read

Good Morning and how about them Phillies!?!?!

One of my favorite parts of the summer is to fill my glass, grab the radio, my Kindle and head out back in the fading sunlight.
OK, I could put book in there instead of Kindle, but that's what I read these days.
I download books from the library. Then I dive right in.
I've been reading at a pretty good clip. If it's interesting enough, I'll finish the book in a couple of days. Then I'll get another.
Well, in trying to get the group to enjoy the reading time, I suggested turning off the games and coming outside to read.
"Reading is boring," came the retort as the keys kept clicking.
OK, I said, How about just coming outside to watch the birds.
"Birds are boring." Click, clack, click, clack.
Well, how about if I just take the computer away for a few days.
"You're mean!"
I get it. When I was that age, I didn't read as much as I probably should have. Reading was like work. We were told to do it in school. Free time? Forget about it.
Now, of course, I know better. I'll keep trying.
In the meantime, let me finish this chapter.

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