Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Ho hum, the NFL

Good Morning and if that was a break in the humidity this morning, I have a bridge for sale!!!

Don't you just love it when billion dollar people argue with millionaires about how much more money they can make. Finally, when they decide to meet in the middle, people celebrate when it would have been far more interesting to see them continue to argue.
Sure, the NFL is going to have a 2011 season. Was there ever really any doubt in your mind? When the players started to feel the real pinch of missing paychecks and the owners realized that TV money (not to mention the other stuff that goes with NFL games) might dry up, the deal was going to get done.
The legions will come back with their cheers and claps. The game will be called "more popular than ever" and life will go on as it was going.
Now, what would have been a better deal would have been if the players would have demanded the owners lower ticket prices. After all, without you spending a couple hundred on a Sunday, where would they all be anyway.
Of course, that will never happen.
Those that have the money can keep making it. The rest, well, just deal.

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