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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Where is Pete Best?

Good Morning and here we are back on the air-conditioned train!!!

So, took in something called 'Beatlemania Again' at Rose Tree Park last night. It was a nice show on a nice night and met a lot of nice people.
Saying that, I really never understood the need for kind of groups.
Wouldn't it be just as entertaining if they went up and played Beatle songs without actually trying to look like the Beatles. It's like those Elvis impersonators. None of them really look like Elvis. You know the person is not Elvis.
The same goes for the Beatles. The nostalgia thing never really stuck with me anyway, so just go out looking like yourself and play the songs. Probably would have been just as many people there last night.
Here's a kicker for you. We were hoping to get a member of the band to join us for our Live From the Newsroom broadcast. We were told, though, they wouldn't come out unless they could be in character and would only be interviewed as if they were the Beatles.
While it would have been humorous on one end to see Gil Spencer trying to interview a fake John Lennon, it was a little too much.
Having said that, I would recommend getting to one of these concerts before the summer is over.

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