Monday, July 18, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Summer and the TV

Good Morning and turn down the heat!!

I can remember back to the days when the only new thing on nighttime television during the summer was the Phillies game. The rest of the channels (we only had seven back then) would show reruns or bad movies.
Well, OK, maybe they weren't so bad. There seemed to be something starring Burt Reynolds on every week.
Much like everything else these days, things have changed.
The Phillies are still there, but so are some shows that make those 9-11 hours pretty entertaining.
I was thinking about this while watching "Falling Skies" last night. It might not be the best acted show, but it kind of serves as a barbeque for the brain. After spending the day outside in the heat, somthing like a bunch of people fighting an alien invasion seems just about right (no matter how hokey).
There are also shows like "The Glades" or "The Closer" to bring out the vegetable in us all.
Sometimes, you just need that.

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