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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Hey! It's Wawa

Good Morning and welcome to August (really, August)!!

So, on the way to work yesterday, I decided to stop at Wawa for a cup of coffee. Now, if you don't know, our office is behind the Wawa on Oak Avenue in Primos. Across the street is a shopping center that includes a Giant.
Anyway, this Wawa was decently crowded. There were a few people in line, but, like most times at Wawa, the line moved rather quickly.
Well, until the gentleman in front of me got to the register. He had a basket (who knew Wawa had baskets?) full of a what looked like everything in the store.
There was milk, orange juice, bread, eggs, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, a couple bags of chips and bag after bag of deli meats.
All told, the bill when it was over was $90. He then paid with a credit card.
Now, Wawa does a good job with sandwiches, coffee and doughnuts. Only in a very odd pinch would I even think about getting anything else. I learned that lesson one holiday morning when there was no butter in the house. One pound and $8 later, I vowed to never do it again.
I understand the convenience and all that, but, THERE'S A GIANT ACROSS THE STREET!
Seemed all kind of silly to me.

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