Monday, August 15, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Get Buggy With It

Good Morning and here's another day we don't have to water the flowers!!!

So, there we were, sitting around Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day outside. The grass was done. Lunch was done. Brownies were baked.
The last thing I wanted to do was sit around inside with the television on (which was the direct opposite of the others with me).
So, we made a trek downtown to check out the Natural History Museum's Bugfest.
Now, this is a big deal every year at the museum. You get to see all kinds of bugs (most of which if I ever saw in the house would be worse than if it was haunted).
The big draw, though, was the cookies. We've heard about the chocolate 'chirp' cookies that are served every year.
It's a chocolate-chip cookie with crickets baked inside. OK, it doesn't sound very appetizing. In fact, two of my sidekicks refused to even look at them.
Yet, if you got past the crickets sticking out of the side, they weren't that bad. Sort of like Chips Ahoy.
Now, that can be crossed off the list.

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