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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rise and Shine --- Green tomatoes

Good Morning and welcome to, fall?

So, back in the spring, I decided to build a little garden. I watched the sun for a few days to figure out where the best place would be to put everything down.
I picked up the wood and the dirt. I then put together a little raised area where I could put the plants.
With my traveling companions, we went out to the store and picked up the tomato and pepper plants(OK, maybe too many for our small space, but it was tough to say no).
I made sure the tomatoes and peppers were watered every day. When I went on vacation in June, I made sure the neighbor would give them a spritz each day.
Now, as August is coming to a close, I have strong looking plants with a lot of tomatoes hanging on the vine. Problem is, all of them are green. They aren't turning.
I'm getting a little jealous as others talk about their bountiful harvest.
Heck, I'd settle for one red one this week.
Maybe the sun will help me out.

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