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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rise and Shine -- Cereal disappointment

Good Morning and I think we should move morning back a few hours!
I remember back in the day when I would eat bowl after bowl of raisin bran so I could get to the race car in the bottom.
Sometimes, truth be told, I would dig down into the box for the latest plastic Donky Kong.
I remember my brother dumping the whole box into a big bowl, taking the prize, then trying to get the cereal back into the box.
There was always a series of cereal toys. We always seemed to get the worst one, but it was the joy of the hunt, the mystery involved.
So, when shopping the other day, I saw a box advertising a Star Wars pen.
Yeah, I thought, I can give the children a little taste if that chase. Plus, since two are Star Wars crazy, it seemed perfect.
So, we opened the box and .... there was the prize, nicely wrapped on top, outside of the cereal.
Oh well, at least they got the other part when we opened a Jar Jar Binks pen.


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