Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Saving things?

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!?!

So, I read this interesting story this morning.
Really, somebody's uncle kept these old comic books around and the collection might get $2 million at auction? Is it really that easy.
Well, no. I remember for years my Dad talking about all the old baseball cards he collected. He talked about having Mickey Mantle cards, Joe DiMaggio cards, Robin Robers cards. He talked about saving them in boxes.
Then, he always adds: "My mom threw them out. She never threw anything out, but she did throw them out."
I collected cards in my youth. I read comic books. I had Star Wars figures.
All of them, though, were opened, tortured and disappeared.
The comic books had ripped pages. The Star Wars figures sometimes took flight off the roof. The baseball cards ended up in the spokes of my bike.
What I always wonder when I read these stories of collectables is, who the heck saves this stuff?
Obviously, some people had the forethought of keeping old stuff in fine condition. I guess that's why a bunch of comic books can $2 million.
I also guess the way I played with mine added to the value of theirs.
So, there, I am part of the process.


Anonymous said...

Hi dad! It's Liam

paul said...

what a guy,it makes me laugh