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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Focus

Good Morning and welcome back to a whole new week!

Until last Christmas, I had never heard of a toy called Beyblades.
Actually, my Mom was looking for a gift for somebody else and asked if I ever heard of Beyblades. I had no clue.
A few months later, though, these tops have taken over the mind of one 9-year old I know.
For the uninitiated, Beyblades are basically tops. You spin them in an arena, where one knocks the other over. The last one spinning is the winner.
Apparently, these are big things in the fourth grade. They 'battle' during recess, trade parts and talk about which are the best.
So, after purchasing two Beyblades last weekend, I thought I was safe this weekend.
No such luck.
"Can we go get a Beyblade?" came the first question at around 7 in the morning.
"What?" I said through a sleepy brain. "First, it's like 7 in the morning. Second, we got two last week. That's enough for now."
"You're not fair," came the retort. Actually, this scenerio played out throughout most of the day.
I finally broke down and said we could go to the store, but wouldn't think about buying one unless it was on sale. Of course, this week they weren't, so no Beyblades.
"You're not fair!!"
I should be grateful, though. At least it gets them off the video game requests.

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