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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rise and Shine -- Red Lights

Good Morning and shouldn't Wawa breakfast sandwiches be 2 for $3 all the time?

I have a theory. Much like my other theories, this one probably isn't held by anybody else.
My theory is the gas companies are in cahoots with the company that makes red light timers.
This morning, for example, I was driving into work about 5 a.m. and hit a red light at every possible chance. I never saw green until I came to a complete stop. Then, I had to burn some more gas to get to the next light.
The thing that kills me is there were virtually no other cars on the road that early. There certainly weren't any coming off the side street off Burmont Road. I sat at one light for what seemed like an hour (OK, it was like three minutes, but still) before it turned. Meanwhile, not one car was driving the other way.
So, when I have to put more gas in my car this afternoon, I'll be cursing the lights as well as Sunoco.

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