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Monday, July 23, 2012

Rise and Shine --- Hide or not?

Good Morning and a big welcome back to Mr. Humidity!

So, at the end of a week away from the office, the shooting happened in Aurora, Colorado.

We had a lot to do Friday (cutting hedges, wash, cleaning), so I didn't really check the news of the day until around dinner time.

That's when a debate entered my mind. Do I tell the children (ages 13, 10, 7) what happened?

This debate wasn't about shielding them from the realities of a world sometimes gone crazy. It's just that I like to think I can protect them from bad things. Then again, if they don't know about the dark side, they can't stay away from the dark side.

So, over dinner, we talked about the shooting.

The first question, "Why would somebody do that?" had no answer that would be good enough. Nobody really knows why evil happens, it just does.

So, we talked about safety. We talked about going to the movies ("If I was in that town, I would never see a movie again."). We talked about guns and the reasons why they should all be melted down.

In the end, we talked about how we can't keep looking over our shoulders all the time, but we need to be aware bad things can happen.

In the end, the 10-year old philosopher said it best: "When bad things happen, it is better for our future. We'll be a little bit safer."

I hope so.


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